Refrigerator Repair

refrigerator repair service

It's a bummer when your refrigerator becomes
dysfunctional. A broken refrigerator does
not only cause your food to go bad but it can
also increase your electric bills unnecessarily.
Rather than just running out to buy a new one,
keep in mind that your refrigerator still has
many years to serve you. Repairing it would
be a more affordable solution. list_marker


Stove/Cook-Top Repair

oven, cook-top repair service

A kitchen without a stove or a cook top is
not a kitchen. Without them, you are unable
to prepare your delicious foods. Even if you won't
share with us your tasty recipes, we will gladly
share with you our knowledge of repairing your
stove or cook top. Our experts are available
to serve you 24/7.


Dishwasher Repair

dishwasher repair service

Having a dishwasher out of order can cause
your dirty dishes to pile up really fast. In this
tough economy it makes sense to save by
repairing, instead of replacing your appliance.
Our certified technicians with years of
experience are available to service your
dishwasher the same day you call.


Oven Repair

oven repair service

As soon as experience a problem with your
oven, it is very important to contact your local
appliance repair company to avoid any further,
complicated problems that can and will result
in expensive repairs. Be it gas or electric, GE,
Whirlpool or Kenmore, we can fix it and
maintain it. Our technicians are fully trained
and qualified not only to diagnose the
problem with your oven, but repair it
the same day

Microwave Repair

microwave repair service

Microwave is a huge necessity to have in the
kitchen. When one experiences problems
with a microwave, he/she tries to fix it by
themselves. However, microwave repair is
unsafe for an average person, and should be
left to trained technicians like us. Do not
put yourself at risk! Call your local appliance
technicians today.


Dryer Repair

dryer repair service

Rather than spending on a new dryer,consider
repairing the one you have, to save some money.
Whether you have a gas or an electric dryer,
diagnosing the root of the problem can be tricky.
So, it is best to call repair professionals to get
the job done right the first time. We are factory
trained to deal with your dryer problems.


Washer Repair

washer repair service

Whether you have a top-loading, front-loading,
compact, or a commercial washer, you will need
an expert to get it repaired or maintained. While
some people just rush out to buy a new washing
machine, many of us cannot afford to spend
thousands of dollars on a new washer. If you do
repairs with us, you will definitely save money.


Freezer Repair

Our company services freezers on a daily
basis. Two brands that we service most of the
time are Hoshizaki and Scotsman. Our
technicians have become experts in repairing
these two brands. Whenever you need your
freezer to be checked out, you can always
rely on us. We have been servicing Ventura
County for many years, providing excellent
service with reasonable rates that not even
one company would be able to match.

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